12 Tips to Overcome Your Android That Is Slow To Be Fast

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There are many ways that we can do to deal with smartphones that are starting to slow down. Maybe from some of the methods we mentioned you have used. To maintain the performance of your smartphone you may be able to use several ways to follow this. What are they? Let’s see until it’s finished!

Here we summarize the 12 Tips to Overcome Your Android that is Slow to Fast

1. Clean Internal Memory

Full internal memory can reduce your smartphone’s performance. Full memory can be caused due to the presence of garbage or cache data that is on the cellphone. It’s good for mobile users to diligently clean the cache data stored, especially for users with very little internal memory on their cellphones. This can be used to mitigate the causes of declining cellphone performance due to decreased storage capacity.

2. Note the amount of memory

Every smartphone has a different memory capacity. In addition to RAM, memory capacity also affects smartphone performance. When the amount of smartphone memory is running low, the smartphone’s performance is getting heavier. So to avoid this you should avoid storing a lot of data until the memory is full. Or if your smartphone has an additional memory slot it’s a good idea to use a larger size or choose a smartphone with more memory.

3. Install the Application you need

Many applications can also affect the performance of the smartphone itself. The more applications, the more memory is needed for data storage.
To overcome this problem, you should install an application that just needs to and uninstall applications that are rarely used anymore. Users can also install applications that have multiple functions, such as choosing to install a browser rather than having to install separate applications Facebook, Twitter and others.

4. Update Your Software

Always update your smartphone software if there is a recent update. This aims to immediately correct the problems brought by the previous system. Because the purpose of software updates is to fix bugs in software that is running.

5. Delete or Stop Unused Applications

Frequently install new applications to try. Without realizing it, many applications are installed but only used a few times. This has a slight impact on your smartphone’s storage space. In addition, some applications also run in the background that consumes your smartphone’s RAM resources. So to avoid this it would be nice to delete applications that are no longer used.

6. Remove Virus from Cellphone

Although it doesn’t interfere directly, viruses can be the main cause of the problem of decreasing the performance of your smartphone. Therefore the virus is the main enemy for smartphone users.
To fix this, we can install a suitable antivirus. But keep in mind, just use an antivirus so that the system is not burdened.

7. Factory Reset

One of the easiest ways to get your smartphone back as usual again, you can do a factory reset. This step can solve problems caused by memory that is full, affected by viruses, and so on. This method is quite effective to restore the performance of your smartphone

8. Turn off Smartphone Animation

Animation is one of the thieves of RAM on your smartphone. For that, you can turn off smartphone animations so that performance remains fast.

9. Clean Data Cache

Cache is a place to store temporary data from applications that you have or have used. With the cache on Android, you will quickly open an application that was previously used. But by stacking the number of cache files that are getting bigger makes your smartphone become slow. How to overcome it cukut by cleaning it from the application you are using.

10. Turn off Auto-Sync

The way to deal with the next slow Smartphone is to turn off the Auto-Sync feature. Turning off Auto-sync is very useful for overcoming your slow smartphone. But there are disadvantages, namely you have to open applications such as Email or calendar manually.

11. Use another Launcher

One of the advantages of an Android smartphone is that you can change or customize your appearance. One of them uses a launcher. In addition to the changing appearance, the replacement of the launcher can also improve the performance of your smartphone.
Many of the best and free launchers that you can try on Google Playstore. Some of them not only provide a neat appearance and new features, but also make your Smatphone lighter and faster when used.

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12. Use Custom ROM

In addition to using another launcher, one form of Android customization that you can do is to use a custom ROM. By using a custom ROM, you can also enjoy other ROMs that have been improved in performance, while also trying the latest operating system if it turns out that the vendor no longer provides operating system updates for the Android device you are using. If you are interested in trying custom ROM.

Maybe that’s just a few ways that we can provide to make your Android smartphone not slow again. May be useful.