7 Popular Streaming Video Sites Besides Youtube

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Youtube is the most popular and free streaming and video sharing site today. On this site you can find billions of videos that you can watch and comment on every day. With more than millions of videos uploaded every day, YouTube has a broad usage base and continues to grow actively.

But besides YouTube there are also other alternative websites that offer similar content to users. If you are looking for a different video streaming site besides the following YouTube, we summarize in 7 popular video streaming sites besides YouTube. What are they?

7 Popular Streaming Video Sites Besides Youtube

1. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the best video streaming hosting sites for classy filmmakers and artists. This platform encourages professionals in fields such as music, dance, cinematography, photography or other creative work to showcase their work on this site.

So if you want to see some random cat and dog videos, you might have to look elsewhere. But if it’s a classic short video, an experimental music clip, or an interesting snippet, Vimeo is the right place for you.

This platform has strict guidelines for uploading content because of high-quality content where you can also enjoy 4K Ultra HD visual content with HDR. The best thing about Vimeo is the ad-free model. This site is supported by user-made donations and paywall for some videos.

maybe what is missing from Vimeo is a weekly upload limit of only 500MB which is quite disappointing for content creators. Although there is an option to increase this limit to 5GB, it is too little considering you pay for it.

2. DTube

Blockchain is the latest fashion in the city of technology and based on this technology, a new video platform, DTube has appeared. This decentralized website is a good alternative for YouTube and also has a similar user interface.

You can browse through videos that are trending and most recent. There is also an option to save videos to watch later and check viral content through trending tags.

What’s interesting is that DTube is ad-free. This site already uses the blockchain steem to keep records and users don’t need to make payments for any transactions.

On Dtube you can also get prizes for Steem crypto-currency rewards for seven days just by uploading your own video. In addition, users who comment on videos also have the opportunity to make money.

3. 9GAG TV

This one site is suitable for you who are looking for various kinds of entertainment videos. For Facebook and Twitter users maybe they are already familiar with this one channel that is familiar with this channel that offers unlimited entertainment supplies in the form of gifs, images and memes.

This site also hosts a large collection of funny videos, movie footage and interesting content such as YouTube. You can browse through the ‘WOW’ and ‘WTF’ sections that have entertaining content hosted on it, but some of them may be NSFW.

4. The Open Video Project

The site, which has been launched since 1998, is a digital library that already has around 196 video segments. This site is a digital video repository that has several documentaries, educational and historical related content on it.

You can choose from available content by setting filters for the duration of time, sound, and certain formats. Most videos on this platform are mostly donated by US government agencies.

5. Veoh

Veoh is a video hosting website like YouTube that allows you to easily find, watch and personalize your online viewing experience.

If you enjoy watching longer videos, Veoh can be a good choice because it allows users to upload and post unlimited length videos. One can find several films, TV series, and even anime on this site.

With a clean user interface, and several social networking features such as adding contacts, creating groups and sending direct messages, Veoh makes a good YouTube alternative.

6. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a popular video sharing site like Youtube and has a similar interface. Here, one can find trending videos or find more through the categories and search bar sections at the top.

Content creators can upload content up to 4GB in size and 60 minutes in length with 1080p resolution. With 112 million visitors per month, this platform serves as an incredible gateway for sharing your content with people around the world.

Although Dailymotion has a set of dos and don’t rules, but copyright policies are not as scary as YouTube. So there is better flexibility and tolerance for uploading content, but this introduction is also accompanied by reactions.

7. Metacafe

One of the oldest streaming video sites, Metacafe, appeared in 2003 before YouTube was even aired. This website specializes in short-duration video content focusing on 90-second clips, offering short and light videos to customers.

The minimal interface Metacafe has neatly categorized sections for better browsing and serves around 40 million viewers. However, if you are looking for professionally made videos or complicated topics, this platform is not for you.

This site has more clickbaity content with crafty thumbnails and titles, but for someone who prefers to spend time on short funny clips made by ordinary users, Metacafe is the best YouTube alternative for them.

That’s 7 Popular Streaming Video Sites Besides Youtube. Although there is no single site that can be a complete replacement for YouTube, viewers and content creators can use the combination of websites to suit their needs. I hope this post is useful for you.